Intermittent ChildCare

F.IC.C.S offer intermittent child care Services to HIV positive people in need of a babysitter so they can attend their doctor appointment or employment interviews.


Housing Services

F.I.C.C.S offers linkage to housing to LGBTQ youth in need of housing or supportive services.


Christmas Toys give away

During the holiday season,F.I.IC.C.S collects and distributes toys to the families in need in Clayton, Bibbs, and Gwinnett Counties in a store-like environment, empowering parents to select gifts for their children.


Donate Today to Save Women and Children From the Trauma of Abuse

Domestic violence is defined as emotionally and/or physically controlling an intimate partner, often involving tactics such as physical assault, stalking, and sexual assault ( Approximately one out of every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and 1.3 million women are victims of domestic violence each year. Victims of domestic violence lost about 8 million days of paid work because of the violence that they experienced. 4.1 million dollars is spent directly to on mental health and medical services for domestic violence victims (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). Considering the cost and prevalence, as well as the direct relationship between housing and domestic violence, a majority of homeless women are victims of domestic violence. 28% of families were homeless because of domestic violence in 2008. 39% of cities cited domestic violence as the primary cause of family homelessness

Food for Seniors

At F.I.C.C.S we believe that no one should have to suffer the dual crises of hunger and illness, and that proper nutrition is vital to improving the health and well-being of the body and mind. We provide ongoing nutrition education and counseling.


HIV Testing

F.I.C.C.S Conducting screening in the community and rural area to reach a broad set of people who are at risk and may be less likely to visit a clinic for a test. It is used to target screening efforts by going directly to places where people live and work.


Psychosocial Support

F.I.C.C.S Provides Psychosocial support that addresses the ongoing emotional, social, and spiritual concerns and needs of LGBTQ members and people living with HIV, their partners, and their caregivers. The Our goal is to help individuals reach their Psychosocial well-being by helping them meet their internal and external needs.