Trapped Between Violence and Homelessness

Housing instability and a lack of safe and affordable housing options heighten the risks for women experiencing domestic violence: • A lack of alternative housing often leads women to stay in or return to violent relationships. Abusers typically use violence as part of larger strategies to exercise power and control over their partners and isolate their partners from support networks. As a result, a woman who has experienced
domestic violence will often have little or no access to money and very few friends or family members to rely on if she flees a violent relationship.  Many landlords have adopted policies, such as “zero tolerance for crime” policies, that penalize victims of domestic violence. These policies allow landlords to evict tenants when violence occurs in their homes, regardless of whether the tenant is the victim or the perpetrator of the violence.

My sister’s Fortress serves vulnerable families and individuals in domestic violence crisis. My sister fortress provides: Help for Domestic violence victims and LGBT youths seeking stable housing through the provision of shelter, supportive housing, and assistance applying for affordable housing; Referral to a robust network of services that enables families to cope with challenges such as domestic violence, mental health, unemployment, and child care; access to two weekly food pantries for those grappling with food insecurity; financial coaching for families looking to repair their credit and save for the future

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