First Integrated Community Care Services(F.I.C.C.S) is a relief and development organization working with vulnerable and exploited communities to alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice.

Organizational Goals and Objectives

Our vision is to provide those in need with opportunity, dignity, and hope so they can possess the tools for change in themselves, their family, and their community. FICCS supports all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion. We use community-driven resources to empower, protect, and build resiliency through innovative and transformative projects.

Core Values

FICCS programs are developed within the framework of four core values:

  • Transformation: Individuals and communities are transformed into ones with dignity and wholeness through a spiritual, social, economic, and physical change.
  • Sustainability: Lasting impact is realized through locally sustainable programs.
  • Empowerment: Development occurs to the extent local communities, leaders, and individuals are empowered to affect change.
  • Collaboration: The means of development are demonstrated through partnering with the local community, like-minded organizations, and individuals.

The needs present in today’s world are complex and deeply interconnected. Our program areas complement one another and act as a comprehensive response to poverty.

All over the world and in your own community so many lives are positively impacted by the work nonprofits do.

Whether you’re a student or already working in your career of choice, donating your time as a volunteer to nonprofits has a lot of benefits, both to you and the organization.

Here are six reasons to volunteer at nonprofits.

Learn New Skills

Volunteering is often a fantastic way to learn new skills that you can apply to other areas of your life, both personal and professional.

Many students choose to volunteer specifically to build the skills they require to land their dream job, especially if they don’t have a ton of work experience. These can be both hard and soft skills. Hard skills like learning specific computer technologies, improving their writing or even project management (whatever applies to them) are necessary in order to secure employment. Soft skills like communication, time management, and even self-confidence are developed when volunteering for nonprofits.

Expand Your Network

One of the greatest things about volunteering your time is being able to meet new people. Chances are, there will be a diverse team of compassionate and friendly people either working or also volunteering for the organization.

By becoming a volunteer yourself, you’ll get to meet them and expand your network. This can come in handy when it comes to finding a job. It’s often not what you know, but who you know, and people who work or volunteer often have a lot of connections in the community. If you do an excellent job, you can also ask your supervisor to be a reference. Plus you’re likely to meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

Build Your Resume

It’s one thing to have professional experience on your resume, but adding volunteer experience could set you apart.

Employers love seeing volunteer experience on resumes. It shows them that the individual is a hardworking and passionate go-getter. Spending your free time on a worthy cause makes you look good, and it shows you take initiative. This is exactly what employers want in their employees.

Have a Positive Impact

Chances are, you’re going to select a cause you care about when choosing a nonprofit to volunteer for. The time and work you put into it can go a long way and have a huge positive impact on the lives of others.

A lot of nonprofit and charities organizations rely on volunteers to get the work done, so they can keep overhead costs low and put more money towards the cause rather than paying for additional employees. Without the help of volunteers, they wouldn’t get nearly as much done and have as much of an impact.

Feel Good

Volunteering makes you feel good because you know that the work you’re doing is meaningful. Even volunteering for a few hours a week can have a big boost on your feeling of self-worth and fulfilling a purpose.

Discover More About Yourself

For a lot of people just starting out in their career, offering your time as a volunteer is a great way to get your foot in the door. In some organizations, it can be easier to become a volunteer than it would be to get hired as an employee. This is also a great way to get a feel for the culture and inside look at the organization to see if this line of work is right for you.

Everyone Can Benefit From Volunteering

There are a lot of organizations out there that require the help of volunteers. No matter what skills you currently have or don’t have – there are nonprofits out there looking for help from people just like you.

It can be as simple as handing out food, walking dogs, putting up flyers, or even answering phones. Or it can be tasks that require specific skills like writing, graphic design, strategic planning, or mentorship.